Busy bee…


It’s been several days since I posted, and I’m sorry about that.  Things have been a bit busy in RL, plus I’ve been low on Lindens and uninspired.  On top of that, It seems like every time I go to take pictures I fall asleep at the computer.  Anyway, I’ll try to get more posts out back to back over the next few days after the shopping spree I’ve just been on.  Yes……it was obscene.

I made the rounds today to the usuals…coldLogic for the dress, Slink for the shoes, Earthstones for the jewelry, Izzie’s for the makeup.  My hair today is the Vibrato hair from LeLutka.  I’ve never owned hair from LeLutka before even though I’ve seen the ‘dos on all the SL fashion blogs.  I just haven’t been moved to go there for hair, but today I gave it a shot.  I’m pleased with the result.

By the way, you aren’t mistaken if you think I look a bit different shape-wise.  I’ve also been tweaking my shape for the last few days.  I only made slight changes to my face, but I am much taller now.  I didn’t like how short I was coming up in photos.  I’ve only been using this shape for about a month, so it’s still experimental.  I had used my old shape for almost the entirety of my time in Second Life, and I just wanted a change.

Sorry for the lazy editing job on the closeup.  We’ve got some weird weather here and I want to get this post done before any bad storms hit.

I’m wearing:

  • Hair ~ Vibrato (Light Blondes) by LeLutka
  • Lips ~ Geanna Lip Gloss in Melon by Izzie’s
  • Eyeshadow ~ Glitter Eye Makeup in Lemon by Izzie’s
  • Necklace ~ Faye Crystal Necklace in Smokey Topaz by Earthstones
  • Dress ~ Newbury in Lemon by coldLogic
  • Shoes ~ Vintage 2-Strap Pumps in Canary by Slink

Photos taken at Image Essentials by Lizzy Yexil.


One person’s trash….


My friend loves Liv-Glam, and I don’t shop there often at all.  I am in the Liv-Glam group, so once in a while I check out the group gifts, but I don’t spend $L there often.  It’s just more her style than it is mine.  She got me to go over to Liv-Glam with her a couple of days ago to snag some group gifts.  The group is $500L to join, so I decided to go ahead and take advantage of my membership.  I grabbed a dozen or so items, and this Claudia Balloon Dress was maybe the third Liv-Glam gift item that I unpacked.  It comes with a HUD with twelve texture options.  I went with the paisley.

I wouldn’t say that I love this dress.  I do find it interesting, and I think that might be even better.  Finding the other pieces to go with it was a little out of the box for me, but it was more fun than meandering around in my usual fashion safe zone.  I may even see what else I can do with all these Liv-Glam things I have now.  Liv-Glam, I apologize, I may have written you off prematurely.

That being said, when my friend saw me with this outfit on, she said, “What is that thing?”  When I said it was one of the things I had gotten at Liv-Glam, and kindly reminded her that she was the one who loved the clothes there, she said, “Well, I don’t like that one.  It looks like you’re wearing a paisley garbage bag.”  Yeesh.


In addition to my Liv-Glam adventure, I stopped at Dead Apples Little Shop for the first time.  I slapped on some of their Popsicle Gloss (Glosses Pack 2) and slipped on my Hucci D’Ann Pumps in Sugarwalls for a bit of color.


I’m wearing:

  • Skin ~ Astrali Skin in Mercure by The Plastik
  • Hair ~ Moment by Magika
  • Eyes ~ Autumn Colors – Last Sun by Poetic Colors
  • Cosmetics ~ Ose Eyeshadows in Pink, Doll Blush (1), and Popsicle Gloss (Glosses Pack 2) by Dead Apples Little Shop
  • Jewelry ~ Solar Dream necklace and Lost Eden cross ring from the Golden Pearly Treasure Box by Maxi Gossamer
  • Nails ~ Basic Prim Nails in Pink (10) by Candy Nail
  • Shoes ~ D’Ann Pumps in Sugarwalls by Hucci
  • Dress ~ Claudia Balloon Dress by Liv-Glam

Photographs were taken at Innsmouth.

Nice to meet you…



It’s 3:26 am (CST), and here I am.  I had the pleasure of visiting Indie Rose today for the first time, which is where I purchased this little Amelia Peplum mesh dress.  I’m always thrilled to find new (to me) mesh shops, and I will definitely shop there again.

I’m short on words tonight (tired).  Nighty night!

I’m wearing:

Poses by Marukin and Diesel Works (@Collabor88)