“We thought you were Alice.”


I made a skin switch.  I updated my Slink feet to use the avatar enhancements, but the skin that I use most often doesn’t have a HUD out for them yet.  In fact, I didn’t have any recent skins from any of the places listed on the Slink Avatar Enhancement System Customer Information page.  So….I just picked a link at random and went to Izzie’s.  Shown is Izzie’s Geanna skin in Sunkissed.  I wish I had found Izzie’s sooner.  I feel so sweet and adorable in this skin.  Now I can stop fussing over tinting my mesh feet.  I was on a bit of a budget after the skin purchase, so I slipped on the Aussie Thongs in White that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

04112013-Bubbles3 Bubblesfalling

I hadn’t really had a chance to check out the new items at Collabor88 this month, so I went over there to check things out.  I simply grabbed the first dress that rezzed for me, which happened to be this Mesh Tentacle Dress in Acid Lake by The Sea Hole.  I knew I wanted this dress before I went there…I just didn’t know which color.  I love how clean and flawless this dress is.  Some mesh is just….crap, so it’s always nice to find mesh pieces created with care down to the teensy details.


The photos featured here were taken at Bubbles in Wonderland.  I was in GIMP with SL running, and upon coming back to SL, I found these two hovering around me.  I said, “Hello,” and the female av said, “We thought you were Alice.”  o.O   ….ANYWAY, I told them I was taking photos and they offered to be in a picture with me.

I’m wearing:

  • Skin ~ Geanna Skin in Sunkissed by Izzie’s
  • Hair ~ Ichigo Mesh Hair in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills
  • Dress ~ Mesh Tentacle Dress in Acid Lake by The Sea Hole @ Collabor88
  • Feet ~ Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet by Slink tinted with Izzie’s Feet Applier HUD
  • Sandals ~ Aussie Thongs in White by Slink
  • Jewelry ~ Classic Pearls in Golden by Lazuri (Free)

Photographs by Lizzy Yexil on location at Bubbles in Wonderland.


One person’s trash….


My friend loves Liv-Glam, and I don’t shop there often at all.  I am in the Liv-Glam group, so once in a while I check out the group gifts, but I don’t spend $L there often.  It’s just more her style than it is mine.  She got me to go over to Liv-Glam with her a couple of days ago to snag some group gifts.  The group is $500L to join, so I decided to go ahead and take advantage of my membership.  I grabbed a dozen or so items, and this Claudia Balloon Dress was maybe the third Liv-Glam gift item that I unpacked.  It comes with a HUD with twelve texture options.  I went with the paisley.

I wouldn’t say that I love this dress.  I do find it interesting, and I think that might be even better.  Finding the other pieces to go with it was a little out of the box for me, but it was more fun than meandering around in my usual fashion safe zone.  I may even see what else I can do with all these Liv-Glam things I have now.  Liv-Glam, I apologize, I may have written you off prematurely.

That being said, when my friend saw me with this outfit on, she said, “What is that thing?”  When I said it was one of the things I had gotten at Liv-Glam, and kindly reminded her that she was the one who loved the clothes there, she said, “Well, I don’t like that one.  It looks like you’re wearing a paisley garbage bag.”  Yeesh.


In addition to my Liv-Glam adventure, I stopped at Dead Apples Little Shop for the first time.  I slapped on some of their Popsicle Gloss (Glosses Pack 2) and slipped on my Hucci D’Ann Pumps in Sugarwalls for a bit of color.


I’m wearing:

  • Skin ~ Astrali Skin in Mercure by The Plastik
  • Hair ~ Moment by Magika
  • Eyes ~ Autumn Colors – Last Sun by Poetic Colors
  • Cosmetics ~ Ose Eyeshadows in Pink, Doll Blush (1), and Popsicle Gloss (Glosses Pack 2) by Dead Apples Little Shop
  • Jewelry ~ Solar Dream necklace and Lost Eden cross ring from the Golden Pearly Treasure Box by Maxi Gossamer
  • Nails ~ Basic Prim Nails in Pink (10) by Candy Nail
  • Shoes ~ D’Ann Pumps in Sugarwalls by Hucci
  • Dress ~ Claudia Balloon Dress by Liv-Glam

Photographs were taken at Innsmouth.

Starting somewhere


Well, I’m blogging. I have decided after playing dress up, taking building classes, and just hanging around Second Life for a few years now to go ahead and blog about it. I’m obviously no pioneer (there are tons of SL blogs out there), but I thought it might be good to do something slightly constructive with all the hours spent in Second Life, so here I am.

This is the pixelated me, Lizzy Yexil, at the Neva River sim in Second Life. The sim is open to the public through March 29th from what I’ve heard, so if you haven’t visited yet and sightseeing is something you enjoy, I suggest you go check it out.

I love my new skin.  I haven’t ventured much when it comes to buying skins, so I usually just return to the same few places when I need a change (particularly LAQ and Belleza).  I stopped by the Skin Fair: 2013 just to see what else was out there.  After getting ejected three or four times for being a lag monster, I was pleasantly surprised to find a skin that I love from a place I had never shopped before.  The Astrali skin in Plute from The Plastik really surprised me and it’s a refreshing change.  I actually altered my shape drastically after getting the Astrali skin because it inspired me to revamp my look, but it would have worked with either shape.  I just wanted something a little sleeker.

Fresh blog, fresh av, fresh start.

I’m wearing:

  • Skin ~ Astrali Skin (Basic) – Plute-Shadow by The Plastik
  • Eyes ~ Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Spring Night) by Mayfly
  • Lashes ~ Lush by Hush
  • Hair ~ Collide:Mahogany (Light Browns) by Exile
  • Nails ~ #P000 Basic Prim Nails Brown07 (Size 10) by Candy Nail
  • Dress ~ Moffet – Cream (Size S) by ColdLogic
  • Shoes ~ Westerly Booties – Collection (Color Changer HUD) by Hucci
  • Bracelet and Earrings ~ Bali Crescent Bracelet and Jewelry Set by Earthstones