Adventures in purple…

04142013-crimarizon-sideAren’t I brave?  These photos were taken at the photogenic Crimarizon.  I wanted something a little dark but unmistakably fantasy and for the colors to pop without creating chaos.

I was wearing something completely different an hour before these pictures were taken, but somehow what I had originally picked out evolved into a boatload of purple – purple lipstick, purple earrings, purple pants, purple shoes, purple hair!  I was fresh out of Lindens, so I was also at the mercy of my inventory (or freebies, which I didn’t use) to put this look together.  I think for my next post I’ll try to put together a color-themed look without spending Lindens as well.  We’ll see.

Every phone I’ve taken lately has been more exciting than the last.  I started this blog intending for it to mostly be fashion and maybe a little bit of sightseeing, and I’ve fallen in love with taking and editing photos in the process.  Yes, I edit my photos, which has probably been obvious.  I have saved the raw photos and intend to get them up on Flickr, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I don’t make changes to the integrity of the clothing, and if I do I will let you know.  Most of the photos start out quite dark, so I do some color correction and a little smoothing (blur/iWarp in GIMP).  Either way, I’ll get Flickr updated in the next couple of days.


I started to put this outfit together with the Oversized Top from ISON (previously @Collabor88), but with the taupe instead of the white, but when I tried to coordinate with other items in my inventory it just turned into a messy clash of different shades of rose and taupe.  I then discovered the Margot Ballet Slippers in Eggplant from Slink unpacked in my objects folder, and after I saw just how wonderfully vibrant and purple they were, I decided to base everything around them instead.  I don’t wear purple very often, so I was a tad shocked by how many goodies I found just by searching my inventory with the word “purple.”

Another treasure buried deep in my objects folder was the Brooks capri pant from coldLogic, (in purple, of course).  The ISON Oversized Top doesn’t come in purple, which would have been overkill anyway.  I chose the white top for contrast.


I apologize for not providing a full-body photograph facing forward.  As I’m writing this, I just realized that I didn’t even take one.  I may decide to add one later, but it’s 4 a.m., and I just cannot muster it right now.  If there are questions regarding the pieces I’m wearing from the front view, leave a comment or message me in world, and I’ll gladly throw this back on and provide a raw photo for you.

I’m wearing:

  • Skin:  Geanna in Sunkissed with purple eyeshadow and blackberry lipstick tattoos – Izzie’s
  • Mesh Hands and Feet:  Avatar Enhancement System (tinted with Izzie’s Applier HUDs) – Slink
  • Nails:  Slink Classic Nails Applier HUD (hands) – Izzie’s
  • Hair:  Teddy in Elvira (fades pack) – Truth
  • Eyes:  Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (with HUSH lashes in Lush) – Mayfly
  • Earrings:  Copacetic Tallulah –  Maxi Gossamer
  • Bracelet:  Tarnished Gypsy Bangles in Silver/Berry – Earthstones
  • Shirt:  Oversized Top in White – ISON (previously @Collabor88)
  • Pants:  Brooks Capri in Purple – coldLogic
  • Shoes:  Margot Ballet Slippers in Eggplant – Slink

Photos shot at Crimarizon by Lizzy Yexil.


Taking time to relax…

Liz040113Swing-FaceI’ve been wearing this same outfit (in SL, of course) for a few days, and I’m just getting around to posting about it.  Things were a bit hectic for the Easter holiday, but I think things are finally slowing down now.

I stopped over at Image Essentials, which is a free-to-use photo studio.  I thought it would be nice to have  a little scenery in one of the photos for a change.  I found this sweet little swing, and it was the perfect relaxation spot, which is exactly what I need after all the craziness over this last weekend.

I love my Power Crystal Necklace (in Onyx) by Earthstones.  I have had this necklace for most of my time in Second Life, and I wear it often.  I actually have most, if not all, of these necklaces in all the different stone variations, but I definitely wear this one the most often.  I tend to wear  a lot of dark, and it just seems to go with everything.


What am I wearing?

  • Skin ~ Shyla SK 0 by Belleza
  • Hair ~ Giselle Mesh Hair in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills
  • Eyes ~ Dazzling Sapphire Eyes by LAQ and Lush Lashes by HUSH Skins
  • Nails ~ Magic of Witch Red by Candy Nail
  • Sweater ~ Mesh Open Cardigan in Black by Blueberry Carla
  • Shirt ~ Traveler’s Tank in Red by
  • Capri Pants ~ Duke in Gray by coldLogic
  • Shoes/Feet ~ Women’s Natural Barefeet with Margot Ballet Slippers in Black by Slink
  • Necklace ~ Power Crystal (Hers) in Onyx by Earthstones

Prop and pose located at Image Essentials.