Sightseeing: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe and Forest

tiramisucafelizsl lizsl040813-bridge lizls040813-boat

I was searching for sightseeing sims the other day and came across the Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe and Forest sim.  I fell in love with the place.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a food service establishment in Second Life.  Avatars don’t need to eat, obviously, but it’s still just oh so cute to see all the little food items in the case.  There is also a little camping area, swan-shaped paddle boats, and lots of beautiful scenery.  Photographers, this sim is for you.


Taking time to relax…

Liz040113Swing-FaceI’ve been wearing this same outfit (in SL, of course) for a few days, and I’m just getting around to posting about it.  Things were a bit hectic for the Easter holiday, but I think things are finally slowing down now.

I stopped over at Image Essentials, which is a free-to-use photo studio.  I thought it would be nice to have  a little scenery in one of the photos for a change.  I found this sweet little swing, and it was the perfect relaxation spot, which is exactly what I need after all the craziness over this last weekend.

I love my Power Crystal Necklace (in Onyx) by Earthstones.  I have had this necklace for most of my time in Second Life, and I wear it often.  I actually have most, if not all, of these necklaces in all the different stone variations, but I definitely wear this one the most often.  I tend to wear  a lot of dark, and it just seems to go with everything.


What am I wearing?

  • Skin ~ Shyla SK 0 by Belleza
  • Hair ~ Giselle Mesh Hair in Wild Honey by Wasabi Pills
  • Eyes ~ Dazzling Sapphire Eyes by LAQ and Lush Lashes by HUSH Skins
  • Nails ~ Magic of Witch Red by Candy Nail
  • Sweater ~ Mesh Open Cardigan in Black by Blueberry Carla
  • Shirt ~ Traveler’s Tank in Red by
  • Capri Pants ~ Duke in Gray by coldLogic
  • Shoes/Feet ~ Women’s Natural Barefeet with Margot Ballet Slippers in Black by Slink
  • Necklace ~ Power Crystal (Hers) in Onyx by Earthstones

Prop and pose located at Image Essentials.

So many faces…

So, I was scouring my inventory, and I found some old photos from late 2009/2010 when I changed looks all the time.  These are just a few of the many I found.  Warning!  I was pretty clueless about changing my graphics settings when taking snapshots, so they are not exactly professional quality (except the one I paid someone else to take..).

11/12/2009 - Three days after my rez date.

11/12/2009 – Three days after my rez date.

02/03/2010 - I think I took this as a body shot for a dancer application - eeek!

02/03/2010 – I think I took this as a body shot for a dancer application – eeek!



03/15/10 - Modeling at Nymphetamine.

03/15/10 – Modeling at Nymphetamine.

07/21/2010 - My profile picture.  Taken at A Touch of Glamour Photo Studio

07/21/2010 – My profile picture. Taken at A Touch of Glamour Photo Studio

07/31/2010 - Standing on the balcony at Franks Elite Jazz Club.

07/31/2010 – Standing on the balcony at Franks Elite Jazz Club.

Nice to meet you…



It’s 3:26 am (CST), and here I am.  I had the pleasure of visiting Indie Rose today for the first time, which is where I purchased this little Amelia Peplum mesh dress.  I’m always thrilled to find new (to me) mesh shops, and I will definitely shop there again.

I’m short on words tonight (tired).  Nighty night!

I’m wearing:

Poses by Marukin and Diesel Works (@Collabor88)

Pretty, pretty….


I went on an obscene shopping spree today, so I have many, many posts to write. I found this pretty little Jeweled Peacock (Maxi Gossamer) necklace at Collabor88, which I haven’t visited in quite some time.  I also stopped by Amacci for some blush and pulled this matte lip shade by Pink Fuel from my inventory.

I’m suffering from horrifying lag today, so as soon as I can get some more photos taken without my computer exploding, I will have much, much more to share!

Time for a reboot! Ugh.. (Already did..)

Starting somewhere


Well, I’m blogging. I have decided after playing dress up, taking building classes, and just hanging around Second Life for a few years now to go ahead and blog about it. I’m obviously no pioneer (there are tons of SL blogs out there), but I thought it might be good to do something slightly constructive with all the hours spent in Second Life, so here I am.

This is the pixelated me, Lizzy Yexil, at the Neva River sim in Second Life. The sim is open to the public through March 29th from what I’ve heard, so if you haven’t visited yet and sightseeing is something you enjoy, I suggest you go check it out.

I love my new skin.  I haven’t ventured much when it comes to buying skins, so I usually just return to the same few places when I need a change (particularly LAQ and Belleza).  I stopped by the Skin Fair: 2013 just to see what else was out there.  After getting ejected three or four times for being a lag monster, I was pleasantly surprised to find a skin that I love from a place I had never shopped before.  The Astrali skin in Plute from The Plastik really surprised me and it’s a refreshing change.  I actually altered my shape drastically after getting the Astrali skin because it inspired me to revamp my look, but it would have worked with either shape.  I just wanted something a little sleeker.

Fresh blog, fresh av, fresh start.

I’m wearing:

  • Skin ~ Astrali Skin (Basic) – Plute-Shadow by The Plastik
  • Eyes ~ Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Spring Night) by Mayfly
  • Lashes ~ Lush by Hush
  • Hair ~ Collide:Mahogany (Light Browns) by Exile
  • Nails ~ #P000 Basic Prim Nails Brown07 (Size 10) by Candy Nail
  • Dress ~ Moffet – Cream (Size S) by ColdLogic
  • Shoes ~ Westerly Booties – Collection (Color Changer HUD) by Hucci
  • Bracelet and Earrings ~ Bali Crescent Bracelet and Jewelry Set by Earthstones