One person’s trash….


My friend loves Liv-Glam, and I don’t shop there often at all.  I am in the Liv-Glam group, so once in a while I check out the group gifts, but I don’t spend $L there often.  It’s just more her style than it is mine.  She got me to go over to Liv-Glam with her a couple of days ago to snag some group gifts.  The group is $500L to join, so I decided to go ahead and take advantage of my membership.  I grabbed a dozen or so items, and this Claudia Balloon Dress was maybe the third Liv-Glam gift item that I unpacked.  It comes with a HUD with twelve texture options.  I went with the paisley.

I wouldn’t say that I love this dress.  I do find it interesting, and I think that might be even better.  Finding the other pieces to go with it was a little out of the box for me, but it was more fun than meandering around in my usual fashion safe zone.  I may even see what else I can do with all these Liv-Glam things I have now.  Liv-Glam, I apologize, I may have written you off prematurely.

That being said, when my friend saw me with this outfit on, she said, “What is that thing?”  When I said it was one of the things I had gotten at Liv-Glam, and kindly reminded her that she was the one who loved the clothes there, she said, “Well, I don’t like that one.  It looks like you’re wearing a paisley garbage bag.”  Yeesh.


In addition to my Liv-Glam adventure, I stopped at Dead Apples Little Shop for the first time.  I slapped on some of their Popsicle Gloss (Glosses Pack 2) and slipped on my Hucci D’Ann Pumps in Sugarwalls for a bit of color.


I’m wearing:

  • Skin ~ Astrali Skin in Mercure by The Plastik
  • Hair ~ Moment by Magika
  • Eyes ~ Autumn Colors – Last Sun by Poetic Colors
  • Cosmetics ~ Ose Eyeshadows in Pink, Doll Blush (1), and Popsicle Gloss (Glosses Pack 2) by Dead Apples Little Shop
  • Jewelry ~ Solar Dream necklace and Lost Eden cross ring from the Golden Pearly Treasure Box by Maxi Gossamer
  • Nails ~ Basic Prim Nails in Pink (10) by Candy Nail
  • Shoes ~ D’Ann Pumps in Sugarwalls by Hucci
  • Dress ~ Claudia Balloon Dress by Liv-Glam

Photographs were taken at Innsmouth.


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