Branching out…


I’ve discovered a lot of new things in SL over the last week or two.  Prior to blogging, I mostly went to the same favorite shops and didn’t spend much time sightseeing.  There is so much about Second Life (and about blogging, photography, and time management) that is still very new to me.

I took this photograph on my trip to the Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe and Forest, and I really love this picture.  I don’t typically share much about SL with my boyfriend, who has never been on SL and has gaming addictions of his own (anyone heard of World of Warcraft? lol).  He feigned interest, of course, but I made him look anyway because I was so excited about it.

I’m wearing:

  • Hair ~ Pearl by !Lamb
  • Lips ~ Frost (Pinky w/ teeth) by Pink Fuel
  • Pearls ~ Included in the Golden Pearly Pink Treasure Box by Maxi Gossamer
  • Top ~ Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank (Floral) by Tee*fy
  • Skirt ~ Twilight Maxi Skirt (Earth) by tulip.
  • Nails ~ Basic French Nails (White) by Candy Nail
  • Pose ~ [Cloud] Sea Parish by Marukin

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